Supertank® Electrolytic Cells

Supertank® Cells

Ancor Tecmin designs and manufactures the Supertank® electrolytic cells in order to satisfy the most demanding challenges proposed by electrolytic plant operators worldwide. Usually the primary requirement is to ensure operational availability throughout the service life of the plant, by maximizing the production of high purity metal (copper, zinc or other) with absolute safety for people and the environment in all conditions of use. In addition, the cells must provide continuous improvements to the process of electrolysis, through efficient integration with innovations in complementary equipment such as electrodes, capping boards, cranes, electrolyte agitation systems, control of acid mist and other.

Out of the more than 25,000 polymer concrete cells manufactured by Ancor Tecmin to date, 3,000 correspond to the state-of-the-art Supertank® design, operating in more than 20 countries, including Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Poland, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, among others. The design of the Supertank® electrolytic cells —patented in 1999— was devised considering feedback from users and their actual operating conditions.

One of the most distinctive design features is its rounded and optimized shape that reduces internal stresses and contributes to a more efficient drainage of the electrolyte and waste rock, in many cases reducing the washing time and water usage, and therefore operating costs.


Supertank Electrolytic Cell


Patented Technology

The Supertank® cells are manufactured with a patented system of polymer composite materials, with three monolithically molded layers:

  • The inner layer is a monolithic tank made of reinforced vinyl ester resin with multiple layers of FRP, according to international standards for chemical barriers, ensuring impermeability and resistance to corrosion in the long term.
  • The intermediate layer is a Hyperbonded® polymer concrete structural core, formulated to achieve low coefficients of thermal expansion and to ensure structural integrity in the long term with low mechanical stress.
  • The outer layer is a standard seal made of a layer of FRP vinyl ester, which protects the core from electrolyte spills. Optionally, the outer seal can be specified with additional structural reinforcements in multiple layers developed to allow the cell to operate safely under particularly aggressive environmental conditions.


The operational benefits of Supertank® cell technology include the following:

  • Impermeability without corrosion, warrantied for 10 years!
  • Fast and accurate installation
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Minimum maintenance cost
  • Maximum operational safety
  • Minimum cleaning time and water usage
  • Increased electrode capacity and improved product quality
  • Design optimized for installation of electrolyte agitation system for enhance copper quality and plant productivity
  • Long service life
Celdas Electrolíticas Supertank