Tankhouse Maintenance

Comprehensive services for SX/EW plants

The growing global demand for copper and other metals puts pressure on mining companies to increase production while improving operational efficiency and safety in all the electrolytic plants.

Ancor Tecmin provides efficient comprehensive services for assembly, maintenance, improvement and technical support, with a minimum impact on production activities of the plants.


Pre-built custom elements

To carry out efficiently restoration and improvement of plants, with minimal lost operating time, Ancor Tecmin develops custom devices and products of polymeric compounds “pre-built in factory”. These have been completely pre-assembled in factory –many times on full-scale models of structures and equipment that are on-site– to verify assembly times, identify and possibly correct any nonconformity of tolerances or clearances as well as eliminate interferences, identify tools or special materials requirements, etc. Each pre-built package is disassembled with the respective marks in their assemblies and parts, is labeled and shipped on site and finally, installed by Ancor Tecmin’s specialists.

A1ncor Tecmin makes available to its customers its expertise and management ability to address the most complex and challenging works in the field. It finds creative solutions that add maximum value to customers, with minimal risk to workers and the environment.

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  • Work together with the customer to diagnose the state of the equipment, assess risks, propose restoration or improvement strategies, and plan job execution with plants in operation, delegating responsibility and guarantees to Ancor Tecmin.
  • Individual projects of restoration and improvement “equipment by equipment” including design, manufacturing and pre-assembly in factory in the pre-built products with advance verification of the sequences and safe procedures to ensure installation times and fieldwork.
  • Guaranteed high-quality parts and pre-built devices, manufactured and controlled in an appropriate industrial environment for handling resins and other specialty materials, minimizing on-site handling where the environment is often inappropriate (moisture, acid mist, chemical pollution, etc.).
  • Responsibility for the project engineering, pre-built manufacturing, and turnkey installation with schedule for installation, cost, results and durability guaranteed.
Mantención de Plantas Electrolíticas
Mantención de Plantas Electrolíticas
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