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Custom Products

Ancor Tecmin usually provides its customers with products and accessories manufactured upon request, for specific uses of their electrolytic tank houses. These are typically special pieces made of plastic reinforced with fiberglass (FRP), polymer concrete, rubber, or hybrid laminates, which should be formulated for the requirements of very particular use, and therefore they are normally not available on the market.

It has experience in implementation and installation of equipment supplied with reinforcements and joint bandages for FRP tanks and piping project.

Otros Productos Especiales

Ancor Tecmin has an engineering team that is adaptable to the needs of its customers, by designing and manufacturing custom products to solve production problems regarding hydrometallurgical process.

  • Accessories for cells such as plugs, flanges, counterflanges, baffles, dumps, gratings, piping supports and other special parts.
  • Materials such as resins, aggregates, glass fibers and other chemicals.
Mantención de Plantas Electrolíticas
Otros Productos Especiales
Otros Productos Especiales